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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

A Chat With Akshay Mavani

AGLOCO Is 100% Member-Owned

This is stated on the AGLOCO website but what you may not realize is how true it is. When AGLOCO says the company is 100% member-owned, it means management owns zero. Management’s sole source of income from AGLOCO will come from taking 10% of Viewbar revenue. If the Viewbar makes no money, a bunch of Stanford graduates is going to be living on the street. This is management’s way of showing faith in the AGLOCO concept. If the only way you can make money is by the Viewbar, then you’re going to do whatever it take to make sure the Viewbar makes money.

Management is definitely taking a lot more risk than members. For us, this is a zero money and time commitment venture. For AK and his group, this is their future on the line.

What Happens If Someone Signs Up Without A Referral?

If someone sign ups directly to AGLOCO without a referral, then the referral goes to charity. Likewise, referrals from management also go to charity. By giving direct and management referrals to charity, management can keep their promise that their only source of income will be from the Viewbar.

I like to recommend that direct sign ups without a referral should go to me!

When Will The Viewbar Be Available?

The answer to this question will be available this weekend when I chat with AK again.
The above article is taken from 'A chat with Akshay Mavani' , December 12, 2006

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