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Friday, December 29, 2006

An Inspiration to all Agloco Members. You Should Read This...

Passed over 7,000 AGLOCO referrals

Did my 7,000th on Christmas Day - nice gift.

Based on requests of friends – here is my AGLOCO recruiting advice

Before I start, I want to explain a couple of things I believe that help me organize my effort in recruiting (some of which I have covered in previous blogs):

· I believe that 80% of the people who join AGLOCO will not recruit new members and the AGLOCO program (and thus my recruiting) needs to address why these people will be very happy they are members of AGLOCO

· And of the 20% that do recruit, most will be casual recruiters (send out some emails to friends and maybe mention it a couple of times to people they see.) and a few will take the extra time to get really involved in AGLOCO recruiting. Some of my advice is to both of these groups and some just to the really dedicated.

Point #1Know why "Every Internet user should join ALGOCO" - (here are the reasons I use)

1. All Internet users help create value on the Internet and should get their fair share of it – and AGLOCO has a great plan to get it for its members.

1. If Google can afford to pay AOL 10 cents a search
2. and if YouTube (with users doing 90% of the 'work') – can be sold of $1.6 billion,
3. then there is plenty of 'excess' value to share with the users.

2. What share will an AGLOCO member with no referrals get?
1. They will get their share of AGLOCO's profits . In my personal view this will eventually be $100 to $200 a year – but at the beginning much less.
2. In addition to the cash payments members will get their share of the ownership of the company – This could be much more than the annual cash check due to the multiplier effect of earnings.

3. All Members get security and utility – There is a short list of items on the AGLOCO site, I think AGLOCO members will drive the utility of the Viewbar to become very useful for all members.

4. It is the right thing to do – AGLOCO is nothing short of an Internet Economic Revolution – and YOU should be supporting it. That is pretty much how I say that.. (- like Wikipedia is Internet revolution in freedom of Internet information)

5. Membership is always free and all data is totally private (no spyware). AGLOCO never gives out any member data to anyone at any time (Read Privacy Policy) And they have one of the top anti-spam and privacy people in the world as their Chief Privacy Officer, Ray Everett-Church, (he wrote the "Internet Privacy for Dummies" book and the "Anti-spam for Dummies" book.

Point #2 – Know why "All AGLOCO members should recruit new members."

1. AGLOCO can better serve its individual members the bigger the total membership gets. – This is because AGLOCO can get:

1. Better deals with business partners the larger the network is (size matters when making marketing deals).

2. Better Viewbar software (the more users the more other companies will want to connect their software with the AGLOCO Viewbar).

2. Recruiting members can increase their 'share' of AGLOCO by recruiting new members.

1. AGLOCO does reward network builders who recruit new members (recruit five new members and 'double" your share – recruit 25 and increase your share 5 times)

Point #3 – Know how to "Motivate new members to recruit for AGLOCO."

1. Give them a plan
1. Most people use email – so 'ask them when they are going to send them.'
2. Most potential builders are worth a personal call or visit – ask your new recruits to list the people they now who would be good AGLOCO builders

2. Give them the tools

1. Sample emails
2. Answers to questions they get asked (I told them to email them with any questions they get.

Point #4 – Just keep at it.

1. Keep recruiting new members every chance we can.
2. Keep in touch with your recruits to help the keep recruiting as well.

Good luck……….. RZ

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