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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Why Do You Need Referrals? To Maximize Your Earning.

Some people still do not understand why they should build their network by inviting people to join Agloco. These are some of the questions from them:

1. Why should I invite people?
2. I just want to see first if Agloco really pays.
3. Agloco may be a scam. Why does it ask me to recruite people?

Well... the answer is simple: The more referrals you have in your network, the more you will earn. If you don't have any referral, chances are that you will only earn a few dollars every month, and you will eventually leave Agloco. Not only that,.. you will tell people that Agloco sucks! It doesn't work for me.

Let's have a look at this very simple example:
Remember, you earn 25% of what your referrals earn down to 5 levels.

Example 1:
YOU recruites Ali. Ali recruites Mary. Mary recruites John. John recruites Erick. Erick recruites Luke.

YOU > Ali > Mary > John > Erick > Luke.
You have 1 Direct Referrals (Ali)
You have 4 Extended Referrals (Mary, John, Erick and Luke)
If everyone earns 5 points a month by turning on their Viewbar 5 hours in a month, then your total earning will be You (5 points) + Ali (1.25) + Mary (1.25) + John (1.25) + Erick (1.25) + Luke (1.25) = Your TOTAL Earning of 11.25

If you are a member already, you can get excess to the calculator.
Direct referral: 1
Extended Referral: 1
Hit 'Culculate' button.
The result will be 11.25

Now you can see that if you do not have referral, you will only earn 5 shares, but when you have 1 direct referral and your direct referal recruites 1 person down to 4 levels, you will earn 11.25 points/shares.

Example 2:
You recruite Ali and Mustafa. It means you have 2 Direct referrals now.
Direct Referrals: 2
Extended Referrals: 1
This means that each of your Direct referrals recruites 1 person down to 4 levels.
Your earning will be 17.5

If each of your Direct Referrals can recruite 2 people down to 4 levels, your earning will be 82.5
If each of your Direct Referrals can recruite 3 people down to 4 levels, your earning will be 307.5
If each of your Direct Referrals can recruite 4 people down to 4 levels, your earning will be 857.5
If each of your Direct Referrals can recruite 5 people down to 4 levels, your earning will be 1,957.5

Example 3:
Now you have 5 Direct Referrals and each of them can recruite 5 people down to 4 levels.
Direct Referrals: 5
Extended referrals: 5
Each of you spend 5 hours (the Viewbar is turned on for 5 hours) a month.
Your earning will be 4,886.25 shares. Not bad, eh??

I encourage you to invite people to join Agloco for the above reasons. The other reason is that if this network explodes (target 10 Million members by July 2007), then the company has more value and again, it is the member who will enjoy the benefit.

Don't wait untill the Viewbar is released. The best time is always 'NOW'. Invite the people now. Recruite the people now. Build your Agloco empire now.

If you want to sign up, you can click HERE now

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