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Thursday, January 11, 2007

Agloco Promotion Tools

Try these two tools to generate more referrals.

1. Custom Sign Generator

2. Sample Email

I hope you find them useful.


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Simon said...

Thanks for the site. I will surely check that out..

ME said...

Hi sir

I forgot to tell you that I put
your blog link in my site would you link mine to yours?

my blog is httP;//

Simon said...

Hallo ME,
I have put your link on my blog.
You have a great blog, buddie...
Keep in touch...

ME said...

thanks a lot sir simon. ^-^

you are my direct upline sir.
do you know who is you direct upline?

Simon said...

you are most welcome and stop calling me 'sir' :)

can you tell me who you are?

CoMeDy KiNg said...

THose sign generators are just too much fun for one person!