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Saturday, January 27, 2007

It is 2 months today since I joined AGLOCO

I joined Agloco on 28 November 2006. It is exactly 2 month today. My network has grown from 1 (myself) to 649.

According to Simmons Report: AGLOCO I would earn 649 x $30 = $19,470 worth of shares.

The report states that each member would earn between $5 to $15 a month if the Viewbar is turned on for at least 5 hours a month. For illustration purpose, if each member earns $10 a month, therefore, I would earn (if all referrals turn on the Viewbar for 5 hours a month) :

$10 + 25% x (649 x $10) = $1,632.50 every month.

OK. If $10 a month is too high for a new company like Agloco, let's say we only earn $5 a month. If my referrals do not leave Agloco and they turn on the Viewbar for 5 hours a month, I will end up earning $821.25 every month.

The worst scenerio is when some referrals do not bother about their membership and leave the network. I would say that I will still earn at least $500 every month. That is for 5 hours a month work doing what I am normally doing on the internet.

You will realise by now that having a lot of referrals than having no referral at all makes a lot of difference. If you have no referral at all, you will only earn $5 a month. There are many people who have many many more referrals out there. See Agloco TOP GUN for comparison.

It is still NOT too late to join AGLOCO and start building your own network. Why don't you make a decision NOW? It could be the start of your exciting journey towards financial freedom!

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AGLOCO Review: Make Money Online said...

Congratulations on your numbers. They are impressive. It has been a fast 2 months, hasn't it?

Simon said...

Agloco Review,

Thanks :)

I am happy with my result although my network is no comparison with other big players. But I think I represent more of general Agloco members.

Yes, 2 months just passed like that...

Aiming at 1000 before the Viewbar is launched. I hope I can get it, of course with the help of my extended referrals.

ME said...

you are really great simon.
I still long way to go
but I am working on it.
wish me luck!^-^

Simon said...


Do you know what I like about you?
You are a humble person and you never stop learning from others. You will one day beat me if you work hard.

April Decheine said...

I just joined today and am looking forward to referring others. Thanks for the great information! I will get to work..

Simon said...

Hi April,
Congratulation :)
I hope you will have lots and lots of referrals. Keep us updated..

kabalweg said...

Hi Simon,

Long time no here man. Congratulation to you. You've got a large number for 2 months time. This is a nice post.

Simon said...

Hey Joel,

Where have you been?? Hope you are well. Hows your Agloco? I bet you have more than me as you are my upline. Lucky you..hehehe..

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Agloco said...

I am now where you were at at this time...with almost 700 referrals!

Anonymous said...

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