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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Where is the Viewbar?

This is what will happen if you keep nagging where the viewbar is where the viewbar is where the viewbar is...
We don't want to have a pre-mature Viewbar, right? So, please be patient..


ME said...

Hi sir Simon,

I am used to it. It is my job as a sales person to usually address valuable clients with sir/mam. But I am glad that I made you laugh..

You are my inspiration to go on,man. As well as the comments of RZ - we are really building A GLObal COmmunity in a true sense of the word (AGLOCO).

Thanks a lot.

agloco said...

would you like to link exchange with my
blog? thanks :)

agloco said...

added you thanks :)

Simon said...

ME and Agloco,

Paul Wong said...

I personally think it is an idea that if implemented correctly, may be the next big thing. I’ve had difficulties explaining to laymen about Agloco hence I came up with simple but effective phrases and diagrams.
To be honest, if anyone wants to know why this will be big, go get a copy of the book, The Google Story. There, you’ll find tons of similarities between Agloco and Google during the start-up period as well as their mindset. I wish for good health and forever happiness to you and your love ones!

Simon said...


Thanks for visiting me. I must say that you have a very easy to understand blog about Agloco. I hope many people will visit your blog especially people who are not members yet.

Keep in touch..

stubsy said...

Like the blog but whats happening in that picture?

Anyway where is the viewbar?