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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Important Update on the Agloco Viewbar

I have just got word from our Shanghai based tech team with an update on the Viewbar status. Most of the QA tests are going well with the exception of the ad servers. The team is currently integrating the Viewbar with the ad servers so that the Viewbar will have ads (and revenue) ready to go when it launches (it would not make too much sense to release a Viewbar that was not making any money). So, while the Viewbar is still on track for release this month, making the April 2nd to 16th window is getting more difficult – and, yes, the Shanghai team has been working seven days a week for quite a while now and will continue to do so until the Viewbar is released.

There is some good Viewbar news for most of you. As I mentioned in my last post, we are initially releasing about 50,000 Viewbars to those Members that signed up first. Our current plan is to release another 50,000 Viewbars every day until every pre-launch Member has a Viewbar (which means all Members should have their Viewbar within the first 10 – 11 days). This should alleviate some of the fears Members have expressed that they might have to wait weeks or months for their Viewbar. We recognize that there have been delays on the front end of the release, so we are trying to tighten up the back end of the release as much as possible.

Also, as some Members have correctly pointed out, AGLOCO’s early revenue will not immediately translate into cash distributions to Members. While we do not know how large our initial revenue will be, we do know that AGLOCO has operating costs to pay. It is important to remember that AGLOCO is not a “get rich quick scheme”, and we maintain that the most prudent way to build AGLOCO as a sustainable company is to calibrate Member distributions to company earnings. As such, the cash payouts will not begin until there is a comfortable balance between AGLOCO’s free cash flow and AGLOCO’s expenses. It is important to add that all Members will begin to accumulate hours from when they first start using the Viewbar (and referral hours will also be earned). Those hours will not be wasted. Both overall hours and monthly hours will be used in determining distributions to Members.

I’ll keep you posted as relevant updates continue to come up.

Brian Greenwald
Agloco Company Blog



Hi Simon,

Thanks for add my blog to yours. Happy recruiting friends..:)

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Anonymous said...

hope viewbar will be released soon...b/w u can check ur agloco rank here...

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Allan said...

Hi Simon,
Hows things?? Just wanna check who has got the viewbar already??
leave me a comment on my blog if you have.

I will update the rest on my blog to update other members.

Thank you.

aka Agloco Dude

Anonymous said...

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Im new to Agloco
hope i can catch up!!