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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

The "AGLOCO Link Train"

Kassper has a brilliant idea to help us, the Agloco builders, to spread the word about Agloco and to introduce our blogs to new friends. Here is what Kassper wrote:

-Start copying here!-

The rules to participate in this "link train" are:

1. Write a short paragraph at the beggining of your post and link back to the site that put you on the list! Now this isn't a suggestion because you need to break the duplicate content string! Someone took the time to add you so at least you acn do is give them an extra linkback!

2. Copy the list of originals completely as it is and post it on your site! Take the adds from the blog that added you and put them into the "Original list" (those who start with the "original" list can only add their adds so the next person in line can put those adds into the "original" list!)
If you want different keywords for your site feel free to change your title on your post!

3. Add no more than 3 new AGLOCO sites to the list under the name "My Adds" (bellow you should have the "original list"

"My Adds"
Agloco Is Alive
AGLOCO All About Agloco

"The Originals"
AGLOCO - Make Money With Kassper
My Agloco Start
A Global Community
Agloco Maniac
Agloco Masses
Agloco News
Agloco Reviews
Agloco Rocks
Agloco The Best
Malaysian & Agloco
Project Agloco
Simon - Agloco
Why Agloco

-End copying here!-


ME said...

Hi Simon,
How are you my friend?

I just made a train link

Good Luck to you!


Wild Cat Fantacy said...

Hi Simon,
I really like your blog. Can we exchange link? And was wondering if you could place my link under your Kool Stuff?

Simon said...

I am good, thanks :) How's yourself? I hope you are well..

This Agloco train link idea I think is very good. Hope the train will travel all over the world.

Wild Cat Fantacy,
Thanks for visiting my blog. Yes, I have added your link to the Kool Stuff section. You really have a very hot blog!

dharmvirsharma said...

It's a new concept to earn without investing. some people will be thinking that it is a scam but for those i wanna make one thing clear since this system is in the pree launch stage that’s why your money is not increasing just wait for 3-4 months & see the impact of AGLOCO in your life.

isa yilmaz said...

hi im from turkey and this blog is like you
My blog is

can we exchange link.

milkyway said...

Hi Simon,
I'm a member of agloco and i'm earning money with google adsense too. My blog is
Can we exchange link ?

assimequee said...

winner said...

Thanks to the blog owner. What a blog! nice idea.

Make Money Online Forum said...

Agloco might be closed their actions. Am I right?

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