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Sunday, December 3, 2006

Easy Process to Sign Up

Do you like advertising? I don't think anybody likes advertising. What about if some one tells you, hey watch this advertisement and I will pay you, would you do that? Would you be interested if you could get paid to look at advertising a few hours every month? That's exactly what Agloco is promising with it's new Viewbar.

This sounds like an easy process. Yes it is an easy process. Simply register for an account at Agloco ( I did that under 3 minutes), download their Viewbar and get paid for having their ads running for 5 hours a month.

Tell your friends about Agloco and get paid for the time they spend looking at the ads. The more people signing up under you, the more you will get additional income.

You're not required to click on the ads, you don't really have to stare at the Viewbar (as if anyone would know whether you did). In addition to serving the ads that get you paid, the
Viewbar includes a handful of useful features like a search bar and anti-phishing protection. The Viewbar will be available soon.

Therefore, to maximize your earning, sign up as soon as possible, recruite people as many as possible and teach them how to effectively recruite more people. Please bear in mind that you do not have to pay for anything and you do not have to buy anything. This is NOT MLM as some people suspect. We have nothing to lose if it turns out later that Agloco fails to deliver its promise, unless you spend some money in advertising to recruite people.

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I congratulate, your idea is brilliant