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Friday, December 1, 2006

Why Should I Join AGLOCO?

The guys behind AGLOCO include several Stanford MBA’s and a few individuals who started AllAdvantage back in 1998, which gave over $100 million to its users before falling victim to the burst of the internet bubble. Today, the context is much more favorable: The sophistication of on-line commerce, the rapid emergence of communities, the wealth of advertising revenue sources, etc. Isn’t it time you got your share of the Internet?

Companies like Google are making billions of dollars in revenue generated by ads. By the simple virtue of getting people to search using their search engines, Google has been able to generate so much revenue that its stock price topped the $500 mark a few days back. And it is us, yes we as in you and I, that are helping Google make that revenue. Google has nothing to offer to its adevertising payors if you and I decided to move to Yahoo or to somebody else not using Google engines (AOL does not count since it uses Google. But check this out: Google pays AOL ~10 cents for each search conducted by AOL users).

So why should Google keep all of that money (and build giant airplanes for its founders) when it is you and I who help it make that money, and we get paid nothing, zilch, nada! Should Google not be paying us to use their search engine –> which in turns allows them to show us ads –> which we then click on to buy googies and services –>which in turn generates revenue for the advertisers –>who then pay Google . Only people left out of reaping the profits is us, who appear more than once in the supply chain. has a crazy business/revenue model, which I could also easily call highly innovative and still crazy if it works. Remember these are the same guys as AllAdvantage scheme. As Agloco is new, it is now securing members all over the world. It's alive and kicking. Everyday people talk about Agloco, in the forums, schools, offices etc. People know that it's going to be big. And when the time comes for Agloco to go public, it also means the time comes for its members to be millionaires.

Join now and get as many referrals as possible because your referrals help you to accumulate your shares which, when the time comes, you can sell your shares. Refer to my other post of how to count your shares with a certain amount referrals. If you are a member already, you can get excess to member area and there is a calculator there that you can use.

To join, follow this link:

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