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Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Valerie's comment on "AGLOCO Closing on Queen Victoria and Kobe Bryant" - AGLOCO Company Blog

February 5, 2007 @ 10:58 pm

Some years ago I read the following story or at least one or more similar, and this evening saw it again. It’s always been a favorite even tho the setting, product may change. I thought I would share it.
I went into Sears the other day, and as I headed towards the appliance department, a salesman walked up to me and asked if he could help me….

“Well, I’m looking to replace my microwave oven.“Okay”, he said. “Why don’t you follow me overhere for a minute, and let me see how I can help you.”, as he led me towards a desk in the corner.

“Please, have a seat. Now let me ask you something, what size microwave are you looking for?”

“You mean the watts?”

“Okay, let’s back up a bit” he said as he sat on the corner of the desk,

“Do you know how a microwave oven works? Do you understand the research & developmental stages that went into producing the microwave that we’re familiar with today? Have you taken the time to actually research and see why and how microwave cooking is entirely different from traditional cooking methods? Have you thought about the effect that it might have on green house gasses, or even considered for a moment the benefits of solar cooking”

“Whoa! Hold on here a second! This is WAY more than I need to know. I just want a microwave that’s about 1200 watts, and big enough to fit a turkey in. Can you just show me some microwave ovens and tell me which is best for my needs, and why?”

“Sir!”, he said rather firmly,

“You can go to any store and get sold something. When you shop here, we’re going to educate you.”

And he wouldn’t just sell me one……

Can you believe it?

Well don’t. It didn’t happen.

Could you just imagine a salesman who won’t sell you what you’re looking for without‘educating’ you about everything under the sun first?Or the sales manager that told the salespeople to operate that way?

How long would that store stay in business?

It’s ridiculous, isn’t it.


That is the jest of the story. It can carry forward by the marketer/writer to explain ’selling’ is one thing and ‘education’ is another. Online we get caught up into thinking we must educate people before they will buy.

Ladies, think of a beautiful blue dress and the price is just right. Is your decisive factor going to be dependent upon where it came from, how many people worked on the lace, how much the retailer paid for it, etc? I would fathom to say no…no..the dress is priced right and the dress fits you like it was made for you, you want it, and you buy it… don’t ask to be educated on it and neither does the sales lady sit you down and educate you about it.

In marketing there seems to be a lot of people trying to educate people to sell thru information overload. Oh they don’t call it information overload. They call it what they want to call it.
When you have something to market, market it. Forget the dumb stuff.

You don’t need to write a book about Agloco.

It’s very simple :

-Agloco is risk free.

-Agloco cost nothing to participate, no upgrade, no outlay, $0.-Agloco will pay you up to 5 hours of your time online every month.

-Agloco will pay you a percentage of all your referrals and indirect referrals down through five levels, as they spend time online.

-Agloco will have a simple viewbar you may download that tracks your time online.

Enroll today.

My guarantee - You may cancel at any time if you feel Agloco is not for you.

You see in this busy internet world we practically live in, we don’t have time to read long pages and long ads unless we know how to write from the get go something that is going to keep the readers attention and ….. it won’t! It won’t because everyone is different and has different tastes. So, keep it brief, keep it to the point, state :

Agloco will pay you.

Simple. Download a viewbar. You will be paid up to 5 hours of your time online every month.

Easy. Tell your family, friends, associates. You will be paid a percentage of their time spent online utilizing the viewbar.

I say all this because I see so much stuff out there about Agloco that would make me click off their site in a heartbeat. Also, I think some members may feel they need to go into a long drawn out drama about Agloco. Not so.

If you are going to market…market.Let people know whats in it for them. That is really all you need to do.

By Valerie Underhill
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