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Tuesday, February 6, 2007

How Does an Internet Revolution Start?

February 5th, 2007 by haroldbbbg1619

I call my blog The AGLOCO Revolution – a better name might have been The Internet Revolution. I think AGLOCO is just going to ‘ride the wave’ of a Revolution that is happening.

The Revolution is that the Users of the Internet are the Creators of the Internet and should be the Owners of the Internet. And I mean this in the truly capitalistic way.

AGLOCO is not a socialist idea (no socialist would ever use the referral system to reward the builders of member network). No, AGLOCO is a very capitalist idea. (the company has a bunch of Stanford MBA’s working for it – they are capitalists I am pretty sure).

So how does it start?

Look around… You are starting it.

Like most revolutions the AGLOCO Revolution has been coming along for years. My previous post notes that Bill Gates was advocating paying users almost a year before the AGLOCO pre-launch website was posted on the Internet. And in 1999, some of the AGLOCO founders started and it paid over $100 million to its members in less than two years - but it was owned by a bunch of venture capitalists and AGLOCO will be owned by its members. YouTube’s announcement that they will pay for content is not new. It is just a step along the trail (but even in YouTube, Google owns the company – not the user/creators.)

Yes – You are starting this revolution.

Check the community that has arisen in 80 days: — Google stats – 1,240,000 pages of search results – 125,000 blogger’s posts — sites with daily news reports ; plus AGLOCO feed sites and more AGLOCO news sites and AGLOCO commentary sites and AGLOCO forum sites. Even traffic on this site has tripled in the last three weeks. (When that happens you KNOW something is happening. “Where there is smoke there is usually fire.”)

And then there is everyone’s new favorite site - AGLOCO Top Gun (I have become a Top Gun junkie – I read it everyday and then try to figure out who is going to catch who – and who is this new #1 Mr. X and are there more of those out there? – totally addictive)

And of course, the ‘old master’, RZ McCall

All of us are starting this revolution even if all we do is join AGLOCO and do not recruit new members. The sheer size of the numbers is starting to be scary. McCall’s last post did a quick look at the Google search statistics for AGLOCO and put them into context. — AGLOCO catches Kobe Bryant in Internet popularity by May – This is hard to believe. Yet it is happening – three days after McCall puts his post up I did my Google search and got 100,000 more pages than his search did. That is almost a 10% increase in 3 days. (I am sure this rate goes up and down with the time of day of search on Google etc. – but even a 5% increase in three days would be amazing.)

So how do you start a revolution?

My answer is – Have a revolutionary idea that many people think is good and they are galvanized into action to support it.

One of my favorite AGLOCO recruiters is Valerie Underhill . She comments often on the AGLOCO Official Company Blog. She recruited 74 people to the revolution – and they have gotten another 1,600 to join them. That is a popular idea that has galvanized people. (Bill Gates thinks the AGLOCO revolution is coming, so does YouTube’s founder Chad Hurley – but more important to AGLOCO’s Revolution right now is that Valerie Underhill thinks it is a good idea and SHE is doing something about it.)

RZ McCall described Valerie and another woman recruiting for AGLOCO like this:

• “Julie at and Valerie at are the kind of members who will cheer and fight for what is right and they are cheering and fighting for AGLOCO.”

Those are the kind of words used when a revolution is starting.
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ME said...

Hi simon it is really an Internet revolution...

Agloco said...

IR = Internet Revolution