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Thursday, February 15, 2007

Understanding and Using Member Calculator

Asheesh Bothra said,
February 13, 2007 @ 8:11 am Agloco Company Blog

Thanks for another nice update Brian. its great to interact with the team directly and receive such prompt and positive feedback. Keep yup the good work.

@Volker: See the 2nd entry in Member calculator is something thats confusing you. It asks u how many each of your referrals will refer on an average.

Take an example…

See If you refer 5 members and every one of them refers average of 2, Given total 5 referral levels, your downline becomes:

Level 1 - 5
Level 2 - 10 (above 5 referred 2 each so 5 X 2)
Level 3 - 20 (above 10 again referred 2 each so 10 X 2)
Level 4 - 40 (above 20 again referred 2 each so 20 X 2)
Level 5 - 80 (above 40 again referred 2 each so 40 X 2)
Total referrals = 155

Now if these 155 people surf 5 hours monthly (the max limit we can get credit for) with viewbar. So total hours = 155 X 5 = 775.

Since, we get 25% of our referrals, 25% of 775 hours will be 193.75 hrs.

Add our own 5 hours to it.. 193.75 + 5 = 198.75 hours

Now check these figures from the member calculator..

Hope it helps..

P.S. : I hope the member calculator page shows some calculation of this sort, cos i have to admit, its really very confusing otherwise for an average member.


Agloco said...

Nice blog about agloco calculator.

Agloco said...

Good job!

Agloco said...

The calculator will soon tell us the truth! :)

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sanjooo said...

If this link can help me to increase my earning then its a good deal.

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