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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Latest and Up-To-Date Agloco News from Allan Tan

I have been a fan of Agloco Company - Own The Internet: Review and News blog. The owner of the blog, Allan Tan, is always striving to bring us the latest development of our beloved company, Agloco. He is a full time business man who knows what he is doing. He has been putting his time and energy to provide us with up to date Agloco news. He believes that Agloco will succeed. I do too. And I think you should too.

Hot topic this couple of weeks is the release of the Viewbar. Most of us hope that the Viewbar will be released real soon, hopelfully this end of March or beginning of April. We all want to make some money, right? I recommend that you visit Allan's blog and keep yourself up to date.


Michael12345678 said...

I like your site and you have definitely achieved high profile in the AGLOCO community. Nice job!

One piece of advice: even if your posts are aimed at veteran AGLOCO members, still, make sure you put a link to your referral at the bottom of every post you write. This simple adjustment could raise your rate of recruitment from your site. Imagine not knowing about AGLOCO and coming across a site with a nice buzz like yours... you'd want to join right away, and you would rather join through somebody's referral ID right in front of you than to have to do a Google search to get the site yourself.

I like your site, man. Keep it going!

Michael Lewis

Anonymous said...

nice site

Allan said...

Thanks Simon, I m flattered about this blog post. Just want to provide non biased opinions about Agloco and if Agloco is good I will definitely support it!

Aglocoliser said...

Personally, I'm glad the Agloco viewbar isn't out yet. A little more pre-launch recruiting time can be a good thing.

ME said...

Hi Simon,

It is nice to see you again posting? :)

I am glad to read your new post
you blog really rocks...
Agloco Rocks belong to top 20 sites in google search engine..

Simon said...

Thank you for your valuable advice.

Aglocoliser and Anonymous,
Thank you for visiting my blog

Keep us up to date, please? :)

How are you doing man? Yes, I am glad to be back :) and thank you for all your support...also thank you to other readers who have visited my blog. I am always open for constructive suggestion to improve this blog.