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Sunday, February 18, 2007

Review My Blog and Get A Free Linkback

One of my favourite blogs is All About Agloco and today I read an interesting post "Review My Blog and Get A Free Linkback". I believe most of us have known the name John Chow of John Chow Dot Com.

John Chow is one of the top Agloco recruiters and in fact he has been my inspiration from the beginning of my journey with Agloco. The first time I read his post, he mentioned that he had 1000+ referrals where I only just began to try my luck to have my first referral. I thought, "Wow...this guy is incredible!". And now he is sitting on top of more than 5,000 referrals.

I found that his Agloco posts are most valuable among other Agloco founders. I never miss a single post of his Agloco discussion. One of my favourites is How Much Can You Make With Agloco and I guess this the fundamental issue the reason why we join Agloco, that is, to make some money. It is not hard for John, who has earned $25,000+ from AllAdvantage, to again earn a lot of money from Agloco. For us, the average Agloco recruiter, don't get discouraged. Do whatever we can to recruit and we too can get a nice portion.

OK. That's what I think about John Chow Dot Com. The idea behind 'Review My Blog and Get A Free Linkback' is to help us the average bloggers to gain more exposure and higher ranking in Technorati. This is what John said:

The concept is simple - review my blog and I’ll link to your review. The review must be at least 200 words long and you have to include a link to the blog home page and this post. You are free to link to any other posts as well. You are to be completely honest with the review - state what you like and don’t like about the site. It doesn’t matter what categories your blog covers and it doesn’t have to be in English. I will accept all reviews.

Once the review is done,
send me an email with the URL to your review. After a half dozen reviews or so, I’ll make a post like I did in The Reviews Are Coming In with links to all the reviews.

So, go ahead.. write a review :)


Aj said...


I like your blogs pictures/diagrams at the top and your blog in general. It looks very professional and I like the look of it in general.

Good luck getting more referals!

I just started a blog for Algoco as well, check it out!



Simon said...

Hi Aj,
Thanks for visiting my blog. You have a great blog too...

Francisco said...

Construa um grande time, ganhe mais dinheiro

Imaginemos que Microsoft, Google, eBay ou mesmo YouTube (vendida recentemente por quase dois bilhões de dólares), tivessem permitido que os internautas participassem da sua formação acionária no seu início. Muita gente hoje seria milionária, não é verdade?

Pois bem, essa é a proposta da Agloco. Remunerar seus membros com dinheiro e ações da companhia.

O cadastro para ser associado é Grátis!!! Participe, essa empresa tem tudo para explodir...( já teve mais de meio milhão de acessos com menos de um mês de vida). Não custa nada... Clique no link abaixo, ele é o seu passaport para o Sucesso.

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Keep up the good work, Algoco Rocks!

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